Episode 3 : Overmind

Episode 3: OVERMIND

DEVASTATION! The GALACTIC EMPIRE has struck a critical blow to the REBEL ALLIANCE! Dozen of intelligence cells across the galaxy were destroyed by the Empire’s new insidious project named OVERMIND. Under the watchful eye of MOFF RUHMARA, Overmind acquired a mysterious and ancient alien artifact, allowing Overmind to create advance AI programs to control droids and turn them into murder machines.

There is hope! CHAOS SQUAD, the Rebels’ new crack team of commandos, has acquired new information that points headquarters of Project Overmind, the HORUSET SYSTEM. Using what was left of their spy network, the Rebellion hatched a plan to embed the commandos at Overmind’s space station disguised as indentured workers.

However, Chaos Squad is too late to stop Overmind’s new weapon, the Extinguisher, as it makes it’s presence known on the battlefield…

The camera pans down to a large blue gas giant, a dozen smaller moons spin slowly around it. Between the moons small shiny dots speed between them, various different ships of different makes and models. A Lamba class shuttles erupts from hyperspace at the edge of the planet, slowing to a halt.

“Sir, hyperspace jump complete,” an ensign says looking over his controls of the Lamba shuttle. A husky man in Imperial uniform arises from behind him.

“Excellant. Begin the calculations and bring the array online. What’s the ETA on Extinguisher?” the uniformed man asks, looking out the viewport in anticipation.

“Of course Moff Ruhmara,” the ensign explains, looking over his controls. “5 seconds on Extinguisher.”

With a flash of light, a slate black Star Destroyer erupts from hyperspace, shadowing the much smaller Lamba shuttle as it flies overhead. Heavily modified, the Star Destroyer lacks the typical conning tower of typical Star Destroyers. A small grin erupts over Ruhmara’s face.

“Contact,” the ensign blurts, busily punching things into his console. “Sir, Extinguisher has made contact. All lights green. Ready to commence operation at your command.”

Ruhmara stands at attention, pulling and straightening his uniform.

“We stand at a new dawn gentleman. We are about to see a change in how war is waged. Historians will look back at this day and thank us! Not only for the advances in technology, but the beginning of the end of the Rebellion! Begin the test!” The ensign nods, looking down to his screen, punching a few commands into the console. WIth a flash, the Extinguisher jumps to lightspeed, dropping out immediately closer to the planet, in the middle of the traffic a great distance away. Suddenly explosions and laser fire can be seen erupting around the Extinguisher as it engages in combat. Ruhmara chuckles softly.

“This will be a day that will be remembered…”

Episode 3 : Overmind

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